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Complete Oil Filter Recycling Line (Separation Rate 99%)


Complete Oil Filter Recycling Line 

Metal And Paper Separation Rate is 99% 

We firstly design and produce oil filter recycling line is in 2010 years for one customer from south africa who recycling car and truck oil filter,the first oil filter recycling line designed simple( feeding in conveyor+shredder+ feeding out conveyor and magnetic separator) we improved the oil filter recycling line in 201 2 years for one malaysia customer.who process the car oil filters. the output from this line is 500-800kgs per hour . the happy customer share many production experience with us along with many good photos and videos. we improved our line again from this customer.After 7 years,we produced the most successful oil filter recycling line for car and truck oil filter ,the metal and paper separation rate is 99% 

Complete Line Photos 

Enerpat Oil Filter Recycling Line-1

Equipments Combination

Machines List 

(1) Feeding In Conveyor 
(2) Two Shafts Shredder 
(3) Vibrating Device 
(4) Feeding Out Conveyor 
(5) Drum Separator 
(6) Conveyor ( Feeding For Shredder) 
(7) Magnetic Separator 

(7) End Product Feeding out conveyor( Paper) 

Enerpat Oil Filter Recycling Line-19

Enerpat Oil Filter Recycling Line-17

Enerpat Oil Filter Recycling Line-15

Enerpat Oil Filter Recycling Line-18

Enerpat Oil Filter Recycling Line-16

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