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Small Horizontal Briquetting Press Machine

The BM570 Briquetting Press Machine from Enerpat is a small-scale equipment for processing scrap metal which integrates the functions of briquetting and de-oiling.The machine has undergone several years of technological development and innovation, and now it has achieved the excellent performance of continuous operation without jam.
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  • BM-570



Product Description

Small Horizontal Briquetting Press Machine BM-570

The compressed briquettes are high density cylindrical ones. They are uniform in size and easy to stack and store. There is no waste liquid dripping from the briquettes, so the environment of the plant can be kept clean enough to satisfy environmental audits. The utilization rate of the waste scraps back to the furnace after compression has been greatly increased, and the recycling price has increased by 10-30%.

Composition and StructureComposition and Structure

Achieving Small-Scale Processing Requirements at Low Cost

Helping Enterprises to Maximise Economic Benefits

For small and medium-sized manufacturing companies such as CNC processing and numerical control machine tools that output is 100-500kg per day, BM570 can provide a cost-effective and stable solution for metal scraps.

Operation Principles

Auger-Type Feeding-In

Auger-Type Feeding-In

The horizontal and vertical twists are connected to smoothly convey the waste materials into the compression chamber.

Hydraulic Compression

Hydraulic Compression

The hydraulic system drives hydraulic cylinders to press scrap metal into cylindrical briquettes.


Automatic Feeding-Out

Slope design for the Feeding-out Hopper to ensures quick automatic release of end products.



Compact Transportable Cabinet & Small Size for Space-Saving

Mortise and tenon welded plate construction

Durable and steady


Auger-Type Feeding-In Device & The Collaboration of Horizontal and Vertical Twists

Vertical twist for smooth feeding-in

Horizontal twist for preventing overhead unstuck waste materials


High Quality Professional Hydraulic System & Stable Compression & Compression Ratio Up to 10:1 (aluminum scraps for example)

International brand parts

Reliable quality and no oil leakage


Portable Drawer Collector & Recycling Rate Exceeds 95%

Squeeze the liquid to the bottom of the container to collect

Keep the environment clean and reduce manufacturing costs

Siemens/Schneider PLC Automatic Control System

Siemens/Schneider PLC Automatic Control System & Stable Operation, Simple Operation

Touch screen/button operation, saving time and effort

Real-time intelligent monitoring, safe and efficient


Match With Shredder Machine & Integrated Automatic Production Line

For scrap metal of larger size

Before pressing, use the Shredder to pre-process and then press

Technical Parameters



Motor Power


Compression Power


System Pressure


Diameter of Briquettes


Size of Machine


Height of Briquettes



Weight of Machine



Integrated Automatic Production Line
Match with shredder machine, reducing the metal chips / metal turnings volume,saving energy for furnace.
Small Metal Chips Briquetting Press Line
Supporting Single Shaft Shredder MSA-F350 use, Integrated automatic production line
Small horizontal Briquetting Press Machine
BM -570
Small single Shaft Shredder
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ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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