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Hammer Mill Recycling Line

ENERPAT Hammer Mill designed for shredding scrap metals like: car engine,car wheels,motors,steel scrap,aluminum scrap such scrap metals,shredding and separating steel,aluminum,non-metal materials.Capacity from 5 tons/h to 30 tons/h. Adopting UK technology,100% high quality with CE,ISO certification.
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Product Video

Product Description

Hammer Mill Recycling Line

ENERPAT Hammer Mill Line adopts a modular design, and each single machine operates efficiently and collaboratively, with flexible control, exquisiteness and compactness. The layout can be flexibly planned according to the production site and needs.

The scrap metal is transported to the shredder, shredded into smaller specifications of the material, the material is shaken through the vibration feeder, and uniformly transported to the magnetic separator, separating the iron metal, the rest of the material into the eddy current separator, separating the non-ferrous and non-metallic metals. The production line can effectively separate iron metal, non-ferrous metal and impurities, and the purity of iron metal after treatment is more than 98%.


Product Applications

Product Applications

End Products

End Products

Product Details

Steel Chain Feeding Conveyor

  • Steel Chain made conveyor belt,stable and strong enough for heavy scrap metal

  • Motor drive the conveyor shaft directly,more effective

  • Connected to the Electric Box PLC,Speed adjustable according to the Hammer Mill working condition

Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill
  • High-Strength Cutter Shaft Structure,With HARDOX 500 Wearing Plate on the shaft for protection

  • After the crushing chamber is welded, the overall stress relief is annealed, and it is processed and bored by high-precision numerical control to ensure long-term high-load operation of the equipmen

  • There has sensor inside of the crusher can recognize abnormal material ,It can give instructions to the crusher if meet some hard materials can not crush, to discharge abnormal material automatically

  • There has rail for the screen,just loose 8 pcs screws,use forklift to pull it, then you can replace the screen. Two minutes is enough

  • We have hydraulic system which can assist us to change the hammers and Pins

  • With special Springs installed below the Crusher,it can efficiently reduce the machine vibration when working

Vibration Table

  • Disperse the end products from Hammer Mill by vibration

  • Send the materials to the following Drum Magnetic Separator Evenly

Drum Magnetic Separator

  • Separate the steel from the end products

Eddy Current Separator

  • Separate the Metal and Non Metal materials

  • Adopting eccentric magnetic pole technology, can ensure the separation rate and output capacity efficiently

Dust Collection System

  • Automatic pulse dust removal,can collection dust efficiently from the whole production line

Technical Data Sheet

Motor Power150 KW180 KW220 KW500 KW700 KW
Feeding Hopper Size1023x674 mm1223×674 mm1526×983 mm3064×1596 mm4047×2141 mm
Shaft Diameter185mm185mm185mm260mm350mm
Rotor Diameter850mm860mm870mm1030mm1240mm
Shredding Chamber Length580mm825mm1090mm1596 mm2118mm
Hammer Thickness65mm65mm65mm94mm96mm
Hammer Quantity8pcs12pcs16pcs22pcs12pcs
Rotor Speed480rpm480rpm480rpm480rpm480rpm
Wearing Plate MaterialHigh chromeHigh chromeHigh chromeHigh chromeHigh chrome
Wearing Plate Quantity800kg1200kg1.4 tons2.4 tons2.6 tons
Machine Size3414×2900×4532 mm3414×3139×4532 mm5500×4800×4919 mm6800x4800x4925 mm9199×8880×7300 mm
Machine Weight14 tons17 tons20 tons28 tons65 tons

Successful Cases

Successful Cases


Material:Cast Aluminum

Capacity:15tons per hour



Material:Car Body

Capacity:10 tons per hour

Product Inquiry
ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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