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Aluminum Foils Compression Palletizing Line

Aluminum Foils Compression Palletizing Line is a full-automatic production line designed for materials such as aluminium foil scraps, tinfoil box scraps, lithium battery aluminium foil and so on. The whole line adopts advanced hydraulic transmission technology to ensure the compression ratio is maximized. The compression moulding effect is excellent and the size is uniform, which is not only convenient for stacking, storing and transferring, but also helps to maintain the environment of the production workshop in a neat and orderly manner.
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Product Video

Product Description

Background of the Solution

Aluminium foil is used in a wide range of applications, including food, medicine, construction, electronics, transportation, aerospace, new energy, machinery and many other fields. However, the manufacturing process of aluminium foil will produce a large amount of scraps, making the treatment and reuse of aluminium foil scrap increasingly urgent. Aluminium foil scrap itself has a high recycling value, which can effectively save resources, reduce environmental pollution, and also provide a new source of raw materials for the development of various industries.

 “Hit the Nail on the Head”

01. Time-Consuming and Labor-Consuming

Scrap aluminium foil is thin and can be easily deformed. Hence, it requires a lot of time and labour costs to process.

02. Low Economic Benefits

If loose scrap aluminium foil is sold directly, it will be recycled at a lower price for a smaller payback.

03. Waste of Resources

If scrap aluminium foil is processed directly in the furnace, the burning time is long and the metal oxidation rate is high.

04. Impact on the Factory Environment

Loose scrap aluminium foil occupies a large area and tends to float around, affecting the production environment.

Aluminum Foils Compression Palletizing Line

(Seamless Integration With 8-16 Production Lines for Large-Scale Recycling and Processing)

Structure of the Line

Applicable Materials

Application Areas: Waste-Metal Recycling Industry, Aluminium Foil Products Manufacturing and Processing Industry, New Energy Lithium Battery Industry, Packaging Industry, Home Appliance Industry, etc.

Applicable Materials

Product Details


lWith High Quality Materials and Advanced Production Technology to Ensure Stable Operation and Durability

(1)With high-strength compact structure design to reduce the space occupied by the equipment

(2)Equipped with international brand components to ensure excellent quality and stability of performance.

Hydraulic Technology

lExpert-Level Hydraulic Technology; Compression Ratios Up to 10:1

(1)Powerful performance with consistent and reliable compression quality; 

(2) Continuous and efficient production ensures maximum capacity and value.

Siemens/Schneider PLC Control System

lWith Siemens/Schneider PLC Control System to Ensure the Fully Automated Operation

(1)With touch screen/button for one-touch operation mode to make it easy to operate, time-saving and labor-saving; 

(2)With intelligent remote monitoring and control to ensure that the entire production line continues to run in a safe and efficient state.


lComplete Corollary Equipment for the Production Line to Meet All Kinds of Needs

(1) Can be integrated into a variety of production lines to reduce labour involvement;

(2) Automates the process from loading to unloading, dramatically increasing production efficiency and quality.

Technical Parameters



Hopper Size


Bale Size


Bale Weightkg

Motor Powerkw

Machine Size


Machine Weight








4250×2890×4200including Separator

2850Main Engine+800Separator









Customer Cases

Customer Cases

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