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As the leader in recycling industry, ENERPAT has been fulfilling its promise to be "The reliable brand", meaning that we do everything we can to be more reliable than other providers. This applies to all ENERPAT products and services. For our customers, this means that choose an ENERPAT system is the best and easy decision they could make.

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MSA-F Series Single Shaft Shredder from Enerpat is a shredding machine for a wide range of applications. It is equipped with PLC automatic control system, large capacity hopper and horizontal pushing system. These enable it to meet a variety of shredding needs and realize high output. The whole machine has passed CE certification authorized by EU and is suitable for shredding tough or medium-hard materials that are packed into bundles.
MSB-E Series Two Shafts Shredders are small to large size reduction machines suitable for processing a wide range of materials to a smaller size. The products can often be sold as is, or be sent for further processing through additional equipment. Throughout typically range between 300kg/hr – 20,000kg/hr+ depending on the model, material type and application.
ENERPAT Waste Metal Baler designed for pressing bulky waste metals like steel scrap,waste car body,aluminum scrap,etc into compact bales. Reducing the waste metals volume,easy for store and saving cost for transportation. Capacity from 1 tons/h to 20 tons/h. Adopting UK technology,100% high quality with CE,ISO Certification.
Our fully automatic horizontal balers are an automated version of our horizontal balers, able to process high volumes of recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard and plastics, ideal for companies with a large amount of daily waste to handle. Materials are pressed into stable, high-density bales by our fully automatic balers, which are easy and safe to stack, requiring less storage space. The length and weight of bales is selectable, with bales being tied automatically when the selected length is reached. Our fully automatic horizontal balers are CE marked and designed with customer requirements in mind, making your waste management a simple and cost efficient process.

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Uk famous brand originally known as Enerpat Balers has over 78 years experience supplying in Europe

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Every week,every month,customer from worldwide come to enerpat for business for recycling equipments and environmental solutions.

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We set the standard for advanced service maintenance and repair excellence, ensuring you get the longest lifespan and best performance out of your equipment. 

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ENERPAT employs a team of waste shredding consultants, each with their own engineering and application experience. 
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2024 Enerpat Global Service Tour” First Stop - New Zealand

On March 26th, the first stop of Enerpat's global service tour, a 20-day trip to New Zealand, was successfully completed. Through this service trip, we brought the high-end environmental protection machines and solutions, machine maintenance technology, personnel training and other high-quality services to New Zealand customers, helping customers to improve the efficiency of solid waste treatment, reduce operating costs, optimize the economic benefits, etc. to create more value for customers.

Product Knowledge
What are the advantages of plastic shredder machine?

What are the advantages of plastic shredder machine? Plastic shredder machines are used to quickly crush all kinds of waste plastics into required small pieces or granules, which are widely used in the field of plastic recycling and processing. Plastic shredder machine for recycling, Its main advantage is as follows:

Product Knowledge
Plastic Shredder Machine Price | Plastic Shredder for Sale

In the process of purchasing equipment, many customers tend to focus on the plastic shredder machine price. However, the performance, quality, and applicability of plastic shredders are also key considerations. With a plethora of plastic shredder for sale in the current market, selecting the appropriate plastic shredder has become a challenging task. Below, a sales consultant from Empower will answer your questions.

Company News
metal baler (1).png
ENERPAT AMB-L1270-125 Lid Style Metal Baler on the way to Europe

Basic Information of the Lid Style Metal BalerApplication:scrap metal,aluminium, steel,copperMotor:15kwPress Force:125TBale Size :300*300mmPlace: NANTONG city, China Date: February 26, 2024 Making a DealThis is a new customer who runs a manufacturing company and uses it to compress scrap metal. Ac

Company News
Bagging Press Machine.jpg
ENERPAT HBA-B90 Bagging Press Machine on the way to South Korea

Basic Information of the Bagging Press MachineApplication:Rice HuskMotor:11kwPress Force:60TBale Size :600*400*300 mmPlace: NANTONG city, China Date: February 20 , 2024 Making a DealThis customer is engaged in selling agricultural machinery, using this Bagging Press Machine for pressing rice husk.

Company News
Horizontal Baler (2).jpg
ENERPAT HBA200-110130 Full Automatic Horizontal Baler on the way to America

Basic Information of the Full Automatic Horizontal BalerApplication:CardboardMotor:2*55kwPress Force:200TBale Size :1100*1300 mmCapacity:> 20 tons per hourPlace: NANTONG city, China Date: February. 6th , 2024 Making a DealThis customer is engaged in Recycling Business, using this Full Automatic Ho

Company News
horizontal baler.png
ENERPAT HBA150-110130 Automatic Horizontal Baler on the way to North America

Basic Information of the Automatic Horizontal BalerApplication:Plastic BottlesMotor:2*45kwPress Force:150TBale Size :(500-1800)*1100*1300mmPlace: NANTONG city, China Date: February. 2nd , 2024 Making a DealThis customer is engaged in recycling plastic bottles.He wants to buy a baler to pack plasti

Company News
ENERPAT MSA-F1200 Single Shaft Shredder and DC30 Drum Crusher on the way to New Zealand

ENERPAT MSA-F1200 Single Shaft Shredder on the way to Australia NANTONG city, China 22th September, 2022 —ENERPAT shipped a brand new MSA-F1200 single shaft shredder to Australia. This MSA-F1200 single shaft shredder used for shredding E-Waste like PCB boards,waste plastic etc. After testing, our cu

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ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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