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Cable Recycling Line

ENERPAT Cable Recycling Line is a production line specially designed for shredding waste cables. Through a series of processes such as shredding, granulating, separation and screening, it ensures the efficient separation of waste wires, produces high-quality copper rice and plastic particles, and maximizes the recycling of resources and reuse.
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Product Video

Product Description


Cable Recycling Line

ENERPAT Cable Recycling Line is also known as the "Copper Rice Machine" because the copper product it produces looks like rice grains. This production line has a simple structural design and is easy to maintain. The entire production line realizes intelligent control, high degree of automation, stable operation and excellent production efficiency. Its production capacity range is wide, ranging from 100kg/hour to 2000kg/hour, and the separation rate is as high as 99%.

Product Applications

Product Applications

End Products

End Products

Product Details

Single Shaft Shredder

Single Shaft Shredder

  • Shredding cables into smaller size, can improve the Granulator throughput capacity efficiently

  • International Top Brand machine parts like SIEMENS motor, BONENG gearbox, SCHNEIDER electric system, SKF bearing, etc

  • German material blades, rotor blade material DC 53, fixed blade material D 2

Feeding Conveyor

  • Conveying the shredded cables from single shaft shredder to granulator

  • Thick rubber belts, with steps on it

  • Inverter motor drive the conveyor shaft directly, speed adjustable



  • Crushing cables into small size below 3 mm

  • International Top Brand machine parts like SIEMENS motor, BONENG gearbox, SCHNEIDER electric system, SKF bearing, etc.

  • German material blades, rotor blade and fixed blade material D2

  • The machine structure is integrally processed and bored by a high-precision CNC machining center to ensure that the equipment can run smoothly under high load for a long time and prolong the service life of the transmission parts

Air Separator

  • Separating the copper and plastic by this air separator

Dust Collection System

  • Automatic pulse dust removal, can collection dust efficiently from the whole production line

Technical Data Sheet





Motor Power27 KW41 KW90 KW

Cables Range

< 20 mm diameter cablesDiameter 0.2-20 mmDiameter 0.2-30 mm


1-2 tons per day3-4 tons per day7-12 tons per day

Machine Size

4400×2700×2450 mm5000x3000x2500 mm11500x9500x2300 mm

Machine Weight

2500 kgs4000 kgs7000 kgs

Machinery Photos

客户现场图_0001__MG_7075 客户现场图_0000_DJI_0189
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ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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