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Waste Radiator Recycling Line

ENERPAT Waste Radiator Recycling Line designed for crushing radiators,removing steel,separating copper and aluminum,capacity from 300 kgs/h up to 3500 kgs/h. The separating rates up to 99%. Adopting UK technology,100% high quality with competitive price.
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Product Video

Product Description

Waste Radiator Recycling Line

Enerpat's Waste Radiator Recycling Line adopts a modular design, and the production line covers: Chain Conveyor, Two Shaft Shredder, Hammer Mill, Magnetic Separator, Airflow Air Separator, Pulse Dust Removal System, etc.The equipment is equipped with covered dust removal equipment, and the entire recycling process is clean and pollution-free.


Disposal Concept

The waste radiator first enters the shredding system and is shredded into uniform and smaller materials. The iron material is separated through the magnetic separator, and then the copper and aluminum are separated through the air flow separator to achieve resource regeneration. The iron separation rate is >99%, and the copper separation rate is >99%. Aluminum sorting rate is >98%.

Product Applications

Product Applications

End Products


Product Details

Steel Chain Feeding Conveyor

Steel Chain Feeding Conveyor

  • Steel Chain made conveyor belt,stable and strong enough for radiator

  • Motor drive the conveyor shaft directly,more effective

  • Connected to the Electric Box PLC,Speed adjustable according to the Hammer Mill working condition

Two Shafts Shredder

Two Shafts Shredder

  • Used for shredding radiators into smaller pieces

  • International Top Brand machine parts like SIEMENS motor,BONENG gearbox,SCHNEIDER electric system,SKF bearing,etc

  • German material blades like Hardox or Dillinger

Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill

  • High-Strength Cutter Shaft Structure,With HARDOX 500 Wearing Plate on the shaft for protection

  • After the crushing chamber is welded, the overall stress relief is annealed, and it is processed and bored by high-precision numerical control to ensure long-term high-load operation of the equipmen

  • There has sensor inside of the crusher can recognize abnormal material ,It can give instructions to the crusher if meet some hard materials can not crush, to discharge abnormal material automatically

  • There has rail for the screen,just loose 8 pcs screws,use forklift to pull it, then you can replace the screen. Two minutes is enough

  • We have hydraulic system which can assist us to change the hammers and Pins

  • With special Springs installed below the Crusher,it can efficiently reduce the machine vibration when working

Vibration Table

Vibration Table

  • Disperse the end products from Hammer Mill by vibration

  • Send the materials to the following Drum Magnetic Separator Evenly

Drum Magnetic Separator

3、设备图_0001_图层 4

  • Separate the steel from the materials

  • Copper and Aluminum go for the following Air Separator

Air Separator


  • Through the air flow separator, under the action of wind, the copper and aluminum in the material are separated through the deflection caused by the amplitude movement of the screen surface at a certain angle

Dust Collection System


  • Automatic pulse dust removal,can collection dust efficiently from the whole production line

Technical Data Sheet

Motor Power122 KW220 KW
Capacity1.5-2.0 tons per hour2.5-3.5 tons per hour
Whole Line Size19x7x6 meter22x9x6 meter

Successful Cases



Air Conditioning Radiator



Copper Aluminum Radiator



Copper Aluminum Water Tank

Product Inquiry
ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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