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ENERPAT EOFB160-1818 OIL FILTER COMPACTOR Baler Machine On It’s Way to Dubai

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ENERPAT EOFB160-1818 OIL FILTER COMPACTOR Baler Machine On Its Way to Dubai

Basic Information of the Oil Filter Baler Machine

Place: NANTONG city, China

Date: Dec. 16th , 2022

Topic: ENERPAT EOFB160-1818 OIL FILTER COMPACTOR Baler Machine On It’s Way to Dubai



Making a Deal

The client contacted us in September 2021. The very first time he is looking for a machine to crash and recycle oil filters and separate them. They have a very big recycling factory and he also needs other types of recycling machines. At the first, we talked about our oil filter crushing and recycling line. In this line, we basically crush oil filters and separate metal and paper and collect the oil.  He thinks It doesn't seem like pretty alright for his recycling solutions. So we recommended the client, the oil filter baler machine. This machine just compresses oil filters with paper just like a metal baler machine.  It has very high work efficiency. Since he wants to collect the oil, We upgraded this system with a complete oil collection system.  He is very happy about the result and made the order.


The production was finished pretty much almost as we planned, He and his team want to see a few pictures after we send them some pictures we arranged for shipping. This combination of recycling lines is very cost-effective, It can save recycler's a lot of costs and do the most important job.

Finally, the machine is on its way to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates now.



It was very nice to talk with him about his projects all along the way. He trusted us as a reliable partner and talk about his concerns and questions without any hesitation. So that we improved and provide them perfect machines.

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