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Economy Printed Circuit Board Two Shaft Shredder

  • MSB-E60

Product Description

Economy Printed Circuit Board Two Shaft Shredder 

Printed circuit board is also known as PCB or green board. They are used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways, traces, etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. There are many old, non-working, un-repairable or discarded PCB. What should we do? 

Actually these PCB waste can be recycled for further use. Both populated and non-populated PCB can be recycled. All kind of PCB from cell phones and smart phones are good recycling materials. Size reduction of PCB scrap is one of the most important process in whole PCB recycling. PCB two shaft shredder or PCB crusher is ideal for this purpose.

There are many benefits from Printed circuit boards recycling. Some of them are:

There are many valuable resources can be recovered from PCB recycling. For example, copper metal from edge trim of printed circuit boards, tin metal from tin/lead solder dross in the hot air leveling process, copper oxide from wastewater treatment sludge, copper from basic etching solution, copper hydroxide from copper sulfate solution in the plated through holes (PTH) process, copper from the rack stripping process, and copper from spent tin/lead stripping solution in the solder stripping process.

Size reduction as well as metal separation is the important process in PCB recycling. ENERPAT brand is focus on shredding and granulating different kinds of waste materials. We offers several type of printed circuit boards two shaft shredder and PCB two shaft shredder as well as help you with a proper size reduction proposal for your scrap PCB’s.

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Waste Shredder MSB-60

Shredding 3 Steps 

Shredding Steps

Our Strength - Blade Design

Shredding Blades

Technical Data Sheet

Shredding Chamber(mm) 330x700
Power Supply  1x380V 50Hz 110A
Motor Power (kW) 11
Blades Qty (Pcs)  10
Hopper Size(mm) 600x700
End Product Size(mm) Width Is 30mm 
Blade Width (mm) 25/30
Gear Oil Volume(l) 18
Gear Oil Type  U.S Mobil 600XP 
Machine Length(mm) 1500
Machine Width(mm) 1000
Machine Height(mm) 1800
Machine Weight(t) 1.5
Package  Wood Box Package 

Product Application

Shredding Applications

1-3mm thickness steel bar 
Steel drums (25 Liter)
Carpet and textile
Elecronic scraps 
Scrap Woods
Mixed waste 
Hard plastics
Medical Scraps 
Hard Drive/Computers/Screen
Organic waste 

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