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Household appliance waste Recycling Plant

ENERPAT Household appliance waste recycling plants are high performance, heavy duty systems designed for recycling of refrigerators with compressors removed. These systems produce high purity metal fractions and separate plastic and foam. Our advanced, high impact vertical shredder design developed by our in house R&D department

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Household Appliance Waste Recycling Plant 

Brief Introduction

Enerpat  household appliance waste  recycling plants are high performance, heavy duty systems designed for recycling of refrigerators with compressors removed.  These systems produce high purity metal fractions and separate plastic and foam. Our advanced, high impact vertical shredder design developed by our in house R&D department produces clean, dense steel fractions which are ideal for transportation.

Machines List 

> Infeed Conveyor Belt or Hydraulic Loading Bin - easy and even feeding of the refrigerators to the system
Twin Shaft Primary Shredder - Shears the refrigerators into strips 
Conveyor Belt - transports the shredded refrigerators to the vertical shredder
Vertical Shredder - high impact grinding of the shred for size reduction, separation, cleaning and densification of the various fractions
Conveyor Belt - transports the shredded fractions from the vertical shredder
Overbelt Magnet - separation of ferrous metals
Eddy Current Separator - separation of non-ferrous metals
Central De-dusting Unit - removes dust and fines from the system and filters the air before returning it to atmosphere
Control Panel

Layout Drawing 


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ENERPAT GROUP is the international company,we have factory in Uk,Germany and China. We focus on horizontal baler,recycling plant,single shaft shredder waste shredders and vertical baler.Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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