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UK customer visits Enerpat -- mattress spring baler

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October 27, 2017, it is a normal day, but it is also a happy day for Enerpat, because we greet the awaited of the British customer Robin visiting, more than 17 hours of the flight, but Robin feels it is a worthwhile trip, because he found the most suitable mattress spring baler supplier (Robin tells us that he struggled to find the equipment for four or five years).


During the period, Robin visited the factory workshop and tested the equipment (oil pump running, noise testing, bale density, etc.), Robin likes the testing result so much, and saying: GOOD, GOOD.


After the workshop, we had a wonderful meeting, and Robin made a lot of technical questions (from configuration to shipping to after sale, we could see that Robin was fully ready to visit Enerpat), our engineers answers him with his professional knowledge one by one, and Robin carefully wrote down every point. From Robins delighted face, we can see that the visit for Enerpat is also a big harvest for him!


The most worth mentioning is that Robin quite likes our way of after-sales service, he said: a good after-sales service will save a lot of time and cost, bring him more benefits. Enerpat has been holding a positive attitude at this point, and will maintained all the time, we will always be with the customer!

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