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Waste Tyre Recycling Solutions

ENERPAT Waste Tyre Recycling Solution designed for shredding waste tires,separating steel and fibers,capacity from 500 kgs/h to 3000 kgs/h. Adopting UK technology,100% high quality with CE,ISO certification.

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The pre-shredding system can be equipped with bolted cutting tools to minimize the operational cost and simplify maintenance of the line.

Two-stage rasper system effectively liberates the steel from the rubber enabling effective separations and the production of clean wire.

The fine granulation system is equipped with a special rotor designed specifically for tire rubber size reduction. It provides maximum throughput, whilst minimizing the amount of fines created. The machine is also optimized for low operational and wear costs.

Textile and dust is aspirated at several positions of the recycling system.

A central Reverse Jet Filtration System extracts dust from the entire system.

System automation ensures that components actions are linked, the system capacity is maximized, and the system is protected against interfering material in the best way

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Waste Tyre Recycling Solution


Enerpat Tire Eecycling Line

Enerpat Tire Shredding Line

Waste Tyre Recycling Solution

ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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