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5 steps to choose a single shaft shredder

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When you invest in a single shaft shredder for your recycling business, your first reaction is definitely Google. But go into an office-supply store or type "shredders" into Google, and you'll get quickly inundated with a slew of options. Sorting through all of them may seem intimidating, so to simplify, we recommend focusing on a few key factors.


Step No. 1: Choose your cut
The "cut" of a shredder refers to what happens when you put paper into the feeder of the machine. The four main variations are strip, cross, diamond and micro.

Strip shredders vertically slice a page into ribbons. Cross cut (sometimes called confetti cut) attack pages in multiple directions, resulting in particle sizes that are about one to two inches in length and around 0.15 inches in width. Diamond-cut shredders make diamond-shape clippings versus the rectangular clippings of a cross-cut machine. Finally, micro-cut machines hack pages into literally thousands of small pieces.

Step No. 2: Size up your available space
Once you have your cut preference in mind, the next most important consideration is where you'll put your shredder. If space is not an issue, lean toward a larger bin capacity, as less emptying equals less hassle. If space is an issue, be sure to pull out a tape measure to assess your area -- and don't forget that you need room to discharge shreds too.

Step No. 3: Select your ideal material capacity
Lower-end models can only handle small quantity material per hour. More expensive, industrial-strength shredders can deal much more materials at a time. Another consideration related to material capacity is running time, which can range anywhere from four up to 12 hours.

Step No. 4: Paper and plastic
Some shredders are built to handle more than documents and the occasional staple. They can also mutilate your credit cards, and your recordable CDs and DVDs, too.

Step No. 5: Consider bonus features
There are some valuable bonus features on mid- to higher-end models, such as safety sensors that auto-stop the machine when a hand gets too close. You'll also find some that boast a lower noise level -- while the average shredder can be about 70 decibels, advanced motor and gear design can drop that to around 60 decibels.

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5 steps to choose a single shaft shredder

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