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Metal Chips Briquetting Press Line

ENERPAT Metal Chips Briquetting Press designed for pressing metal chips / metal turnings like steel,aluminum,copper,stainless steel into compact bales,reducing the metal chips / metal turnings volume,saving energy for furnace. Capacity from 25 kgs/h to 4000 kgs/h. Adopting UK technology,100% high quality with CE,ISO Certification.
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Product Video

Product Description

Solution Background

Waste metal scraps mainly include: iron scraps, aluminum scraps, steel scraps, alloy scraps and so on. They are waste resources and are produced in large quantities in machining production projects. They account for about 20% of metal raw materials and can reach as high as about 30%. Metal scraps are pure in composition and have a much higher content than any ore. They can generally only be treated as waste and have great recycling value. Especially for various alloy casting companies, the self-recycling of metal scraps is of greater significance.

Metal Chips Briquetting Press Line

The Metal Chips Recycling Solution is mainly used to press and recycle various iron chips, aluminum chips, copper chips and other metal chips cut by machine tools. The production line adopts a fully automated disposal process, which can directly press the chips into briquettes and shape them at the same time. The cutting oil is separated from the briquette to ensure that the original material of the briquette is not contaminated, and the cutting oil can be recycled and reused. This system not only effectively reduces the area occupied by waste chips, but can also be remelted to improve resource utilization. Meanwhile, it can pass the environmental audit.

Metal Chips Briquetting Press Line

Product Applications


Product Details



  1. It can cooperate with the elevator in the production line to realize fully automatic feeding-in and feeding-out;

  2. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient movement, high accuracy and strong flexibility.

Bin Lifter and Tipper

Bin Lifter and Tipper

  1. Suitable for all sizes of chip containers, non-standard sizes can be customized

  2. Hydraulic drive, stable and safety operation,large bearing capacity.

  3. The high-performance steel chain conveyor make sure container going up and down stable

  4. Safety door, magnetic lock, power off when door open, monitor window, safety and reliable

Swarf Grinding Machine

Swarf Grinding Machine

  1. Motor Power: 18.5- 75KW

  2. Single shaft with Screen,can shred long size turnings into short size chips

  3. Equipped with Europe material blades, high wear resistance and long service life

  4. Safety overload protection, intelligent control with touch screen

Steel Chain Feeding Conveyor

Steel Chain Feeding Conveyor

  1. The chain plate design (scraper) feed is clean and uniform

  2. Closed, no liquid and chip leakage, ensuring the environment

  3. Prevent corrosion of chip liquid and oil

Centralized Collection Silo

Centralized Collection Silo

  1. Large storage space for more chips

  2. Screw feeding,make sure delivering metal chips to briquetting press machine evenly

Metal Chips Briquetting Press Machine

Metal Chips Briquetting Press Machine

  1. The compression cylinder and the compression cavity are integrated to ensure that the compression center is high and the compression rod does not deviate

  2. The compression cavity and the compression rod are made of imported materials from Europe, which are treated, wear-resistant and have a long service life

  3. The most advanced screw mechanism and feeding mechanism

  4. The UK's most advanced hydraulic system design, intelligent cooling, hydraulic oil constant temperature, system operation is stable

Liquid Collection System

Liquid Collection System

  1. Simple filtration of the chip liquid/oil

  2. The secondary screen is designed to recover the chip liquid

  3. The chip liquid reaches the liquid level scale and is automatically pumped

Technical Data Sheet


Press Force 



Bale Diameter 






System Pressure



Capacity Aluminum



Capacity Steel



Successful Cases

Successful Cases (5)


Material:Aluminum Turnings

Successful Cases (1)


Material:Iron Shavings

Successful Cases (4)


Material:Copper Chips

Successful Cases (3)


Material:Aluminum Chips

Successful Cases (2)


Material:Aluminum Chips

Successful Cases (6)


Material:Aluminum Turnings

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ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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