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Single Shaft Shredder Application

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When you get one single shaft shredder, do you really know this machine very well? This article will give you a general knowledge about it. Read it, it will help you to use machine effectively.

 single shaft shredder application

Single Shaft Shredders are reduction machines that are suitable for processing a wide range of materials to a uniform particle size. This includes aluminum, plastics, paper, copper cables, tires and rubber. The end product from the Industrial Waste Shredder can often be sold, or sent for further processing through additional equipment.


What materials can I shred in a Single Shaft Shredder? Single Shaft Shredders are suitable for shredding the materials below:

single shaft shredder application

  • Plastics

moldings, purgings/lump, profiles, films, etc.

  • Paper and cardboard

confidential documents, production waste, packaging materials, etc.

  • Copper cable

household, telecoms and industrial cables including S.W.A.

  • Aluminum

Used Beverage Cans (UBCs), swarf, cables, etc.

  • Wood

Waste wood, barks, green waste, etc.

  • Textiles

carpet (rolls & tiles), garments, etc.

  • Foam

production waste, etc.

  • Mixed household and commercial waste

RDF/SRF/MSW production.


Do you have heavier materials like metal, stones, asphalt, or concrete? Then a single shaft is mostly not powerful enough, as a single shaft shredder is only used for softer materials. If you want to shred heavier materials or run a higher production, we recommend a two shaft shredder at all times.

two shaft shredder application


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