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Single shaft shredder application (recycling waste pallets)

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Waste shredder, as an important role in recycling yard, has many kinds of application. Today, with the wide application of single shaft shredder, let us learn about recycling waste pallets.


Pallets are an essential item for anyone moving freight. Typically built with untreated wood, they offer a platform where workers can stack boxes or put very large bags. They also have long, narrow holes in the sides so a forklift can get its tines inside and pick it up. Those forklifts quickly and efficiently cart goods around warehouses, in and out of trucks, even down the aisles of your favorite shopping centers. Pallets can hold quite a bit of weight and are easy to stack. And, they are not just for industrial use either. Farmers use them to hold large boxes of watermelons or bags of grain. Homeowners may get pallets when they purchase large loads of fireplace pellets or plants. The most common size for a pallet is 40 inches x 48 inches, although they can be larger or smaller depending on their intended use. Even though pallets are quite sturdy, they do break eventually. When they do, there are lots of good recycling options out there (and even some fun ways to reuse them).

Single shaft shredder application (recycling waste pallets)

How to recycle wood pallets

The disposal of unwanted empty pallets remains a significant challenge for some businesses as their back rooms, garbage bins or storage areas fill up with the empty or broken platforms. There are several reasons why pallets accumulate, including small quantities, poor quality, unusual sizes, or local market dynamics. Broken and damaged pallets can be recycled a couple different ways. If the damage is minor, pallet processing companies can repair them and sell them back into the marketplace (usually at a substantial discount compared to buying new pallets). Pieces that have sustained more serious damage are shredded. Nails and staples are separated out using a magnet and are sent to a metal recycler. Since pallets are pretty much all made of the same type of wood, people who want to reuse it know they are getting a consistent product. If you happen to have pallets hanging around, you will need to take them to a pallet recycler for reprocessing.


Uses for recycled pallet wood

The consistent makeup of pallet wood means it is a good fit for many reuse or recycling applications. These include garden mulch, compost, animal bedding and wood chips for playgrounds. Some people have even gotten creative about using old pallet wood. For example, mixes concrete and wood to make building blocks.


Reuse pallets for gardens, other home projects

Pallets make great garden beds, especially for people who do not have much space. Simply lean the pallet against the side of a building, add some landscaping fabric to hold your potting soil, fill it with dirt and plant veggies or flowers. You can also put the pallet flat on the ground to make instant raised beds. Old pallets make excellent compost bins. They are a good size and are well made, and the untreated wood used to make them will not leech chemicals into the compost. YouTube has plenty of good instructional videos for building your own bins. Pallets can also be used for chairs, potting benches and other items around the home. One word of caution: If you are going to use pallets for projects, make sure you know where they came from and what they were used for. Pallets sometimes carry chemicals, fertilizers and other dangerous substances you would not want polluting your home or yard.


Where to get recycling equipment for wood pallet recycling

UK Enerpat, as a professional manufacturer of wood recycling machine, supplies you two shaft shredder or single shaft shredder.

Any questions call us or browse our website, we always has specialist to solve your all recycling problem. 

Single shaft shredder application (recycling waste pallets)

Single shaft shredder application (recycling waste pallets)

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