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Application of single shaft shredder

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The single shaft shredder is composed of a rotor, a screen basket, bearings, ram, a drive, a hydraulic system and a control panel. We can usually apply plastic, wood, paper, cardboard, copper cables, aluminum, textiles and security destruction.


First introduced the single shaft shredder machine used in the plastic pipe industry. Pipes made of plastic are the materials of choice in the industry, not only because of the good performance of plastic pipes, but also because of the long-term sustainability of plastics, even if they reach With long service life, we can also recycle, make new pipes, or make other plastic products. In the process, we can use a single shaft shredderto dispose of waste plastic pipes.


Secondly, the single shaft shredder for cables is introduced. The cable is a product widely used in daily life. The accumulation of abandoned cables may cause harmful effects to nature and humans, and there is also a risk of fire. Therefore, the cable recovery is very Importantly, we can use a single-axis shredder to completely separate the metal part from the plastic insulation layer of the waste cable. The recycled metal and plastic are melted and reused to make new products to achieve the effect of waste recycling. Patel's single shaft shreddercan be used to reduce the major dimensions of used cables, while granulator can be used to regrind cable splinters so that copper or aluminum can come off the plastic insulator.


Finally introduced is a single shaft shredder for ABS plastics, ABS plastic is a lightweight, low-cost engineering material, ABS is widely used to process pre-production prototypes, it is easy to process, polish, collect and paint, it can Since the production of new products is mixed and the quality is high, the recycling of ABS plastics is very popular. Therefore, the single shaft shredder for ABS plastics are also very popular.


Enerpat is a company specializing in the production of recycling equipment. The recycling equipment we produce includes not only single shaft shredder, but also two shaft shredders. If you want to learn more about waste shredders You can visit our official website:

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