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Automatic Ferrous And Non Ferrous Metal Baler (AMB-L3020)

Balers and baling presses with single, double and triple-acting compression to press scrap, ferrous and non ferrous metals into high density bales.


Automatic Ferrous And Non Ferrous Metal Baler 

The ENERPAT 500 tonners Automatic scrap metal baler used for pressing heavy duty scrap metals and light scrap metals,also the non ferrous scrap metals into 500/500mm density bales. 

Our baler installed with 5 pressing rams,pressing from three different directions,machine comes with SIEMENS motor and Schneider electrical system.we sold more than 100 units to many countries in the past 5 years. and get good reputations. 

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Quality Features

  • Robust construction



  • Cutting blades for pressing chamber 

Metal Baler Specifications

Enerpat Metal Baler In USA

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ENERPAT GROUP is the international company,we have factory in Uk,Germany and China. We focus on horizontal baler,recycling plant,single shaft shredder waste shredders and vertical baler.Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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