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Cardboard Baling Press (60-120kgs)

Vertical Balers are used for baling recyclable material(waste paper,cardboard,carton box,OCC,pet bottles,plastic bottles,waste tyre,used cloth) into solid, space saving blocks. This reduces the space needed for waste storage, reduces the cost of waste collection and reduces the time spent on disposing of waste effectively and responsibly.
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  • VB-20


  • VB-20(60-120kgs)

Product Description

ENERPAT Corrugated Cardboard Baling Press 

The VB-20 is the 20 tons pressing force baler,which used for compacting waste cardboard,carton,plastic bag,plastic bottles,aluminum into density bales,.the bale weight is 60-120kgs.the baler comes the 4kw motor and high pressure hydraulic pump.the lifting feeding door makes the feeding waste job easily. we sold more than 100 units in the past 5 years and get very good reputation from our customers. 

Cardboard Recycling Balers For Waste Cardboard And Paper Baling 

Baling waste cardboard is an easy, simple and effective way of getting rid of your cardboard recycling nightmares. Enerpat waste vertical  balers and compactors save your company time, money and space as well as increasing your recycling.

The biggest waste stream for the majority of businesses is cardboard. The problem with cardboard waste is the space it takes up in a bin. You are effectively filling your bin with air and so therefore wasting money on bin collections because you need more bins and more collections. If you are a business who flat packs their boxes before binning them then you are paying someone’s labour time to flatten boxes unnecessarily. 

A vertical cardboard recycling baler saves time, money and space… 


  • Time – no need to spend time flattening boxes. Simply place the box straight into a baler and let it do the flat packing for you. The size of baler you need depends on the sizes of boxes you handle and the amount. With a free site survey we can tell you exactly what your requirements are. A baler can often be located closer to the source of the waste so time can be saved carrying materials out to bins.
  • Money – If you are spending more than £20 per week on DMR bins then we will probably have a cheaper solution for you. Prices start from just £12.50 per week.
  • Space – our smallest balers use the same footprint as a filing cabinet so can easily fit into small gaps taking up less space than a bin. Even our larger balers don’t take up much more space then just 1 bin. This means you are able to remove your bins and save space. Space which could be used for parking, dining and outside areas which would otherwise be unusable

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Raw Material And End Products 

Enerpat Aluminum Can Bales


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Machine Details 


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Technical Data Sheet

Ram Force(t) 20
Power Supply  1x415V 50Hz 30A
Motor Power (kW) 4.0
Noise Level (dB) 68-70
Bale Weight (cardboard kgs) 60-120
Bale Size (mm) 800x 600
Bale Weight (plastic kgs)  80-140
Oil Volume (l) 50
Oil Type   ISO 46 Hydraulic Oil 
Machine Length(mm) 1006
Machine Width(mm) 750
Machine Height(mm) 2400
Machine Weight(t) 1.2
Package  Wooden Box Package 


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Waste And End Products

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ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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