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Career Development Plan

Enerpat(Enerpat) depends on the success of learning, continuous growth and the pursuit of excellence in the staff. At Enerpat, our career development program covers every employee. We pride ourselves on the corporate culture of continuous learning, knowledge sharing, skill enhancement and professional growth.
Enerpat University
We have established Enerpat University within our company to develop and teach numerous face-to-face and online learning courses to improve the skills of our employees, distributors, suppliers and customers. The courses offered by Enerpat University cover the following:

Process improvement
Personal efficiency
Six Sigma method
Coaching and counseling skills
Team building and IT certification
Development Plan

In Enerpat, the ability to cultivate outstanding, proactive employees is one of our most important goals. To this end, we have developed a variety of development plans to help employees grow into different areas of expertise, such as human resources, information technology, engineering, technology marketing, logistics and other fields. During the two- or three-year planning period, there are usually rounds of opportunities for multiple positions, and the planned participants will be able to learn about the various businesses of Enerpat and accumulate experience by participating in the actual project. When the program is completed, the participants will continue their career development in specific areas of expertise.
ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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