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Four Shaft Shredder

four shaft shredders, or name it quad shredders, are perfectly suitable for scrap size reduction applications such as e-waste, rubber tire recycling, RDF production, and contaminated materials where uniformed medium particle size is desired. The four shaft shredders are very robust and built to sustain tough operating conditions without problem.
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Product Overview

Four Shafts Shredder (MSC-Series)

MSC-E series Four Shafts Shredder from Enerpat is a kind of highly versatile shear shredding machine, which shreds materials through the principle of mutual shearing and tearing between four sets of blades. It is suitable for shredding all kinds of flexible and hard materials, especially those made of metal.

ENERPAT four shaft shredders are available in different sizes and works perfectly in combination with other recycling machines. Each of the discs is made of alloy steel or furnished with a tool steel head. The discs can be replaced quickly thanks to the special shaft and blade design. The tool steel head is exchangeable quickly and without effort, which results in a significant reduction of tool changing times. The specific shape of the discs guarantees to crush material with little expenditure of energy, it makes the scrap-shredder to be durable.

Composition and Structure

Composition and Structure



Product Details

Detachable box


1.The shredding chamber body can be deconstructed from each end of the coupling. The main shaft can be detached as a whole by removing the mounting plate at each end of the bearing.

2.Once the main shaft is dismantled, the cutter body and bearings can be kept and inspected, and if need be, then it can be replaced as well.

3.Regarding the processing ofthe shredding chamber, care should be taken to position the main shaft and bearing at central position during installation to ensure that the structure remains intact and lasts longer.

Heavy-load planetary reducer


1.It has a box of rigid casting reducer consisting of gussets.

2.The sturdy finishing gear is composed of high-quality steel alloy, and the surface is processed through carburizing and quenching methods.

3.The structure is finely processed by means of gear grinding.This through process ensures many operational benefits, such as stable transmission power,  low noise and greater carrying capacity.

Detachable cutter


1.Detachable blade design greatly reduces blade replacement time.

2.A complete crushing blade comprises of three parts.

3.It is quite easy to replace a worn blade: simply loosen and tighten the bolt.

Electric system


1.The electric cabinet is equipped with a Siemens/Schneider PLC.

2.The electric cabinet boasts a touch screen with a high capability of promoting human-machine interaction.

3.Siemens/Schneider electrical components are adopted.

Sealing system


1.The bearing has a quadruple sealing protection design which makes it dust proof and waterproof, effectively prolonging the service life of the bearing.

2.Therefore, it can work excellently in an outdoor,  highly dusty environment.

Splined main shaft


1.The moving blade base and the main shaft align in spline transmission.

2.The design consist of a large surface junction without stress concentration.

3.The spiral configuration of the moving blade base can enhance its crushing efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

4.The moving blade base has been tested by using 100% ultrasonic and non-destructive inspection to maximize the cutter's crushing capacity. dimensional uniformity of crushed products.

Heavy-load self-aligning bearing


1.We install heavy-load self-aligning bearings on two main shafts.

2.When a blade is impacted by a heavy load,the heavy-load self-aligning bearing produces an immense mechanical action that relieves the impact force.

3.We choose the world's leading bearings.of brands such as FAG and SKF as a standard configuration for all ENERPAT shredders.

Technical Specification





Shredding chamber widt(mm)




Motor Power(kw)37*2+15*275*2+45*290*2+55*2
Machine Size(mm)4300*4500*30004650*4800*35005000*5000*4000

Successful Cases


Materials:Lithium battery



Materials:home appliances



Materials:Mattress, sofa


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ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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