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Mobile Scrap Metal Balers


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Product Overview

ENERPAT Mobile Scrap Metal Baler 

Enerpat Balers are used as compactors in the Scrap Metal Industry for the recovery of waste from industrial processes, or in the recycling of aluminum cans or other compactable materials. The Balers can be equipped with an integral mechanical scrap processor for loading materials, or can be fed by an industrial loader.

The produced cube of compacted materials drastically reduces transport and storage costs.

All Balers can be easily loaded onto and unloaded from normal trucks, thanks to the roll-on-roll-off system. On request, they can be fixed on a suitable truck, trailer or semi-trailer.

The EMCB( Enerpat Moble Car Baler) is one high quality and reliable baler machine for baling scrap car into density bales.The bale length is 2meters,the width is 1100mm,the height is 600mm.the car baler comes with 5300mm length pressing chamber.loading the scrap car into the pressing chamber easily for fast pressing.the grab which can lift max 2 tons weight scrap metals.machine comes with USA brand Cummins diesel engine for 120KW.


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Enerpat Mobile Car Baler

Mobile Car Baler-2

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Mobile Car Baler-3

Raw Material And End Products 

Mobile Car Baler-4

Moble Car Baler-5

Mobole Car Baler-5

Moble Car Baler-6

Technical Data Sheet

Model  EMCB-5300
Power Supply  Cummins Diesel Engine
Motor Power (kW) 120
Noise Level(dB) 65-68
Empty Cycle Time(S) 120
Pressing Chamber LxW(mm) 5300 x 3078x1110
Pressing Force  250Tons 
Pump(ml/r) 375
Oil Volume (l) 1200
Oil Type  ISO NO 46
Machine Length(mm) 12400
Machine Width(mm) 3776
Machine Height(mm) 2050
Machine Weight (t) 90

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ENERPAT GROUP is the international company,we have factory in Uk,Germany and China. We focus on horizontal baler,recycling plant,single shaft shredder waste shredders and vertical baler.Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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