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Waste PP/PE Recycling Solution

ENERPAT PE/PP Film system is designed for washing plastic films with contamination levels exceeding 80% Minimizing the recycling water flow rate and evaporation losses.


·Agricultural films

·Recovered films from MSW or MRF's

·Films recovered from Landfills

·Post-industrial or post-consumer films

·Big bags (Raffia)

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Pre-shredding and pre-washing system removes a large percentage of abrasive materials (sand, grit etc.) to protect the rest of the system.

Under water force-washing paddles in our washing tanks maximize the washing efficiency.

High speed washing system optimized according to the specific material type liberates and separates contamination from film flakes.

Mechanical (centrifugal and squeezing) systems control the moisture content of the finished product at < 5% moisture the material is suitable for high quality pelletizing.

Intelligent system automation ensures that components actions are sequenced and monitored

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Waste PP/PE Recycling Solution

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Waste PP/PE Recycling Solution
Waste PP/PE Recycling Solution
Waste PP/PE Recycling Solution
Waste PP/PE Recycling Solution
Waste PP/PE Recycling Solution
Waste PP/PE Recycling Solution


Enerpat PP Woven Bag Washing Line / PE Film Washing Line

Enerpat HDPE Bottle Washing Line

Waste PP/PE Recycling Solution

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