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Welfare treatment
一、One treatment
1, the concept of treatment
Companies in accordance with the principle of market-oriented, to provide the industry's competitive treatment, to absorb and retain talented people.
1.1 market: in the industry to maintain a competitive level of treatment, with the company in the market position consistent.
1.2 varies from place to place: treatment reflects the different positions in the decision-making responsibility, the scope of influence, qualification requirements and other aspects of the characteristics.
1.3 Achievements: Every progress the company receives is closely related to the efforts of the majority of the staff, the company at the same time to allow employees to share the fruits of success.
1.4 equal internal and external remuneration: pay attention to treatment and other external remuneration at the same time, can not ignore the work of the sense of competence, sense of accomplishment, responsibility, personal growth and other internal remuneration.
1.5 Service Achievement: Appreciation of loyalty service awards each year, to provide employees with senior salary.
1.6 Excess salary increase: according to the performance of employees, the ability to pay.
1.7 treatment confidentiality: treatment is personal privacy, any staff shall not open or private inquiry, talk about the treatment of other staff.

2, treatment composition
2.1 Employee cash income includes fixed income and floating income in two parts.
2.2 According to the Government, the company for the staff to buy social insurance, individuals should bear part of the monthly treatment from the deduction.
2.3 personal income shall be subject to income tax, withholding by the company.
2.4 overtime pay in wages.

3, pay date and payment method
The company according to the actual working days of the staff to pay the treatment, pay 25 days per month, to pay the treatment of a natural month.

4, treatment adjustment mechanism
4.1 annual salary adjustment
The company every year according to market value changes and personal performance for a unified treatment adjustment, the specific time, the operation method according to the company to implement the notice.
4.2 Instant pay
(1) salary adjustment due to positive, job changes, professional level adjustment, discipline and discipline, is a real salary adjustment.
(2) is transferred from the date of the implementation of the transfer, the other real salary adjustment according to the implementation of the approval.
4.3 Employee treatment by the company personnel department unified management.
5, special period of treatment to pay
Work-related workers in the work-related medical expenses during the life allowance; staff birth certificate approved the payment of basic wages.

二、Second welfare
1, leave
(1 day), the festival (1 day), the Dragon Boat Festival (1 day), the Mid-Autumn Festival (1 day), the New Year's Day (1 day), the Spring Festival (3 days), the Ching Ming Festival (1 day) National Day (3 days), as usual during the payment of treatment.
1.2 Staff members can enjoy paid holidays after one year, including: annual leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, birth leave.

2, social insurance
The company according to the provisions of the local government for the staff to apply for basic social insurance, and bear the company should pay part of the individual should pay part of the company by the payment and deduction from the staff treatment. Basic social insurance, including basic old-age insurance, unemployment insurance, basic medical insurance, work injury insurance, maternity insurance and other projects. At present, is actively introducing housing provident fund.

3, He Yi and the instrument, condolences
3.1 employees marry, maternity, children admitted to the university, the company unions to give He Yi.
3.2 employees directly family relatives immortal, trade union caused by the instrument.
3.3 staff sick hospital or work injury hospital condolences.
3.4 staff family life difficulties condolences.
3.5 staff major disease condolences, if necessary, mobilize the staff to help each other.

4, life
4.1 The company specifically for the staff with food and beverage canteen, staff meal card in the canteen consumption, the company to give a certain amount of life subsidies.
4.2 for the management of cadres, important posts, key positions to provide staff management apartments; front-line staff to provide collective dormitory; dormitory equipped with TV, air conditioning, broadband.
4.3 has a staff activity center, reading room, cinema, basketball court, free of charge for employees.
4.4 regular staff birthday party, release birthday cards, birthday coupons, birthday SMS blessing.

5, staff activities
5.1 The company organizes regular physical exercise and recreational activities every year to protect the physical and mental health of employees.
5.2 The company regularly or irregularly held every year activities, such as: Yuan Xiao Festival, March 8, Labor Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day to celebrate the cultural activities.

6, education and training
6.1 The company provides staff with the training of new knowledge of professional and related professional, job skills training, professional and technical management training, and encourage employees to use their spare time to actively participate in various training to improve their own quality and operational capacity.
6.2 The company encourages employees to participate in all kinds of professional and technical titles at all levels of examination and review, the cost of advance or by the company.
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