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Wood Shaving Production Line

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Wood Shaving Production Line

providing professional equipment for the production of litter in the breeding industry


First of all, let us first understand what is the role of wood shavings?


The effect of shavings is more extensive, generally used to press particleboard, and high-pressure wood can be made after pulverization. At present, high-pressure plates made of wood shavings and wood chips are widely used in the production of furniture products.

Enerpat wood shaver can also be used as a mushroom growing base. It can be used as a raw material for wood pulp paper in paper mills, as a fragile transport filler for transport companies, and as a bio-energy source.


Of course, wood shavings is important for the breeding industry. Shavings can be used for pet litter, mouse experiments, large farms, horse stables, household pets, rabbit farming, chicken farming and other animals. Aquaculture. It is economical and practical, and makes full use of wood. Increase revenue, scientific and environmental protection.


Next, let's take a look at the main equipment for the production of wood shavings - Enerpat wood shaving machine

Wood Shaving Production Line

Enerpat wood shaving machine is a fully automatic shaving machine. It is mainly used to treat poplar, mulberry, miscellaneous wood, waste wood to supply its shavings to the horse farm, and the chicken farm as a bedding for horses and chickens. The particle machine produced by Enerpat China participates in the shaving production line and becomes the main equipment of the whole production line. At present, the complete production line is installed and operated at home and abroad.

Our EWS-37 new particle shaving machine is a fully automatic wood shaving machine independently developed by Enerpat. It can process finished wood or waste wood with a length of 45CM to 140CM. The quality of the shavings produced is high, and it is a reliable product for the breeding industry and other breeding industries. 

Wood Shaving Line View:

 Wood Shaving Production Line

【Technical Information】: 

Wood Shaving Production Line


【Application material】:

Wood Shaving Production Line


Waste wood and finished wood. Poplar, mulberry, eucalyptus, building form-work, construction waste wood...


【End Products】:

 Wood Shaving Production Line

Customer cases:

Wood Shaving Production Line


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