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wood log shredder machine

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From the late eighties, wood log shredders are used in the different time in different businesses. We all know wood shredder was discovered earlier but it made its place in the wood industry worldwide. The wood log shredder or tree chippers are generally used to give the small shape of tree trunks. This invention proves its necessity also in other cause like wood dust, identical size etc too.

Mechanism of wood log  shredders:

These special wood shredders are designed to help the woods to cut in different shapes with help of different blades, to go up the wheels so that it can be sent in transport easily. The shredding machines take its materials by hopper and send the branches to chipper knives, which are designed to hold to woods perfectly and give it desires shapes and finally with help of air venting it start making the vacuum in a chamber so that the wood chips can be throughout of the machine. These types of machines require power to run the internal engine up to 100 horsepower. But there are different models are available in the market with different power and along with hydraulic crane. If there are need to climb on vehicles, it requires separated engine to power. The best part to use the machine is its portability nature, which helps users to establish the machine in desire place in the workhouse.

Wood log shredder can be used in huge wood industries as well as domestic use too. So that it has to have different roller or motor mechanism. And based on that, some types of motor are discussed below:

– Other Motor Type: there are some other wood log shredder models are available in the market. Some of them have both mechanisms of Drum based and Disc based, some of them are small to large energy supporters(they can be found in 200 horsepower to 1000 horsepower, some of them are huge in shape and they requires a separate transport to take them another place.

The wood log shredder machines were made to lower the human labour as well as to make a huge work done in short time. And by keeping in mind the different necessities in the different field, it is improving its techniques day by day. So, come and consult about your needs and take the right one to get the best output.

we also supply wood shaving baler machine and wood shaving machine for making wood log into wood shavings and baling wood shavings sold as "Horse Bedding" 

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