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2024 Enerpat Global Service Tour” First Stop - New Zealand

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On March 26th, the first stop of Enerpat's global service tour, a 20-day trip to New Zealand, was successfully completed. Through this service trip, we brought the high-end environmental protection machines and solutions, machine maintenance technology, personnel training and other high-quality services to New Zealand customers, helping customers to improve the efficiency of solid waste treatment, reduce operating costs, optimize the economic benefits, etc. to create more value for customers.

Exceeding expectations, more than fulfillment. Enerpat always upholds the corporate value of "Customer First" and is committed to providing customers with excellent product quality and service experience. Let's go to the customer site in New Zealand to witness the commitment and practice of Enerpat.

Waste Metal Baler(Lid Style)

1.Aluminum Profile Compression Baling Project

Machine: Waste Metal Baler(Lid Style)

Model: AMB-L2520-250

Material: Aluminum Profile

Capacity: 30 Tons/Day

The customer of this project mainly focuses on metal recycling field, and needs to process a large amount of shaped and long aluminum profiles every day. To address the problems of large footprint, difficult compression, stacking and transportation of aluminum profiles, the customer was supplied with a 250-ton Waste Metal Baler(Lid Style).

Through efficient compression, it significantly reduces the volume of scrap and floor space. The end products have uniform specifications, which are convenient for stacking and transportation, and the container can also hold more materials, significantly reducing the transportation cost. After completing the installation, the customer expressed high satisfaction with the tightness of the compressed end product and highly appreciated our installation service.

Waste Metal Baler(Hopper Style)

2.Tire Wire Compression Baling Project

Machine: Waste Metal Baler(Hopper Style)

Model: AMB-H1510-160

Material: Tire Wire with Head

(Steel Wire After Tire Separation)

Capacity: 30 Tons/Day

The customer focuses on the tire recycling business, which covers the processing of tire steel wires and waste tires. In order to solve the problem of high transportation cost of loose tire steel wire, we customized a hopper style waste metal baler for them. The compressed tire wire bales have a high density, which not only greatly reduces the volume, but also facilitates storage and transportation, significantly reducing the customer's transportation costs.

Tire Baler

3.Waste Tire Compression Baling Project

Machine: Tire Baler

Model: VB-100TY

Material: Tires  (Displayed in Pictures, with Customer Site as Background)

Production Capacity: Bale’s Weight 1.6 Tons, 2-3 Bales / Day

Waste tires are bulky and heavy, causing many problems for customers in storage and transportation. However, after compressed by the Tire Baler, its volume is significantly reduced, greatly improving the loading efficiency of the container, so that each container can accommodate more tires, which significantly reduces the cost of transportation, bringing real economic benefits for customers.

Oil Filter Recycling Line Project

4.Oil Filter Recycling Line Project

Core Machine: Two Shaft Shredder

Model: MSB-E1200

Material: Oil Filter (Displayed in Pictures, with Customer Site as Background)

Production Capacity: 15 Tons/Day

In Auckland, known as the "Sailing Capital", we have established a long term relationship with an experienced customer in the field of hazardous waste recycling. In order to meet the customer's needs of shredding oil filters, efficiently separating ferrous components and centralized collection of waste oil, we designed an oil filter recycling line, which covers the systems of loading, shredding, magnetic separation, screening, waste oil collection, etc. The degree of automation is so high that one labor can operate the whole line, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

Single Shaft Shredder

5.Plastic Drum Recycling Project

Core Machine: Single Shaft Shredder

Model: MSA-F1200

Material: Plastic Drums  (Displayed in Pictures, with Customer Site as Background)

Production Capacity: 8 Tons/Day

This regular customer came to us for a shredding solution when he was expanding his plastics recycling business. In response to the customer's demand for capacity reduction through shredding, we supplied them with a Single Shaft Shredder. The Single Shaft Shredder, with its high shredding efficiency and precise control of the end product size, has significantly increased the density of waste accumulation and reduced the waste footprint. The machine has been in continuous use for many years, but its operation is still stable and reliable. After professional maintenance, the performance is even more outstanding.

Enerpat always insists on the globalization market layout. This service trip to New Zealand not only provided professional after-sales service for the previous customers, but also carried out extensive business negotiations and technical exchanges with local enterprises. We successfully signed a number of cooperative projects, such as oil filter recycling line, waste metal baling and other projects, which empowers and increases the momentum for more New Zealand enterprises.

ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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