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Lid Style Auto Scrap Metal Baler

ENERPAT Waste Metal Baler designed for pressing bulky waste metals like steel scrap,waste car body,aluminum scrap,etc into compact bales. Reducing the waste metals volume, easy for store and saving cost for transportation. Capacity from 1 tons/h to 20 tons/h. Adopting UK technology, 100% high quality with CE, ISO Certification.
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  • AMB-L


Product Video

Product Description

Lid Auto Metal Baler

Lid Auto Metal Baler (AMB-L Series)

The AMB-L series Metal Baler are widely used in many industries. With ENERPAT Metal Baler, it can help reducing the scrap metals volume, saving the factory space, saving the transportation cost, and more importantly, increasing the furnace efficiency and reducing Smelting cost. ENERPAT Metal Baler press force ranges from 125 tons to 315 tons, the motor power ranges from 15kw to 90kw.

Composition and Structure

Composition and Structure

Product Applications


Product Details

Baler Structure

Baler Structure
  1. Choose the brand company and international standard Steel Plate.

  2. Using plasma CNC machines to make steel plate for Welding process 

  3. All steel parts are CO2 welded.

  4. Using the method of flaw detection to detect the quality of welding.

Pressing Cylinder

Pressing Cylinder
  1. Choose the brand company and international standard seamless steel pipe.

  2. All piston rods are chrome plated.

  3. Choose the British Hallite brand as the cylinder seal.

Power Pack

Power Pack
  1. Power unit pumps are based on European standard.

  2. All power units have 90 micron suction filters and 25 micron return filters as standard.

  3. Pressure filters to 3 microns are optional and give our power units high cleanliness levels.

  4. Hydraulic power unit suppliers offer a hydraulic circuit and parts list.

  5. Hydraulic products offer this as well as a full installation and maintenance manual.

  6. Each power unit is supplied with a test certificate and CE approval documentation.

Pressing Lid

Pressing Lid
  1. An unequalled compacting efficiency.

  2. The baling presses with lid are perfectly versatile machines.

  3. They are ideal to process bulky and heterogeneous materials.

  4. Feeding with scrap is very easy as the lid covers the upper part of the compression box.

Air Conditioner Cooling System

Air Conditioner Cooling System
  1. Air Conditioner Cooling System installed on the hydraulic system.

  2. Air Conditioner Cooling System supports machine 24/7 working.

  3. Air Conditioner Cooling System with Test Certification and CE approved documents.

Electrical Control System

Electrical Control System
  1. Factory assembled,wired tested .

  2. Control wiring:minimum2.5.

  3. SQ,nm,600/1000V pvc insulated copper.

  4. conductor colour coded as per IEC standards.

  5. Support touch screen control,PLC Schneider or Siemens brand.

Siemens Motor

  1. Siemens brand.

  2. Support 24 hours non-stop operation.

  3. Secondary energy consumption motor is more environmentally friendly.

  4. Explosion-proof motor can be installed.

Technical Data Sheet

Press Force160 T200T250 T250 T315 T
Press Chamber1400x800x700 mm1800x1200x800 mm2000x1400x900 mm2500x2000x1200 mm2500x2000x1200 mm
Motor Power30 kw2x18.5 kw2x22 kw2x30 kw2x45 kw
Pump160 m/r2x160 m/r2x160 m/r2x160 m/r2x250 m/r
Bale Size350x350 mm400x400 mm500x500 mm500x500 mm500x500 mm
Capacity (Steel)


 tons per hour


 tons per hour


 tons per hour


 tons per hour


 tons per hou

Successful Cases

Successful Cases

Area:North America

Material:Scrap Metal


Successful Cases


Material:Aluminium Scrap


Successful Cases

Area:New Zealand

Material:Aluminum Extrusions


Successful Cases

North America

Material:Scrap Metal


Successful Cases


Material:Mattress Springs




Material:Aluminium Scrap


Product Inquiry
ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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