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Closed End Horizontal Baler(350)

The HBM series is a low height machine range, which is ergonomically ideal as a hand fed machine. They are suitable for distribution centres, warehouses and large retail shops that require a simple closed end horizontal baler for relatively high volumes of waste.
  • HBM-50S

Product Overview

Closed End Horizontal Baler 

The HBM50-8060 is an excellent closed-end horizontal baler that can process up to 3 bales per hour. It is ideal for shredder paper, PET and aluminium cans. It has a 60 tonne compaction force which gives high density bales. It has a horizontal tying system and full bale eject system which will minimize labour needs.

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.Semi Automatic Baler-4

Semi Automatic Baler-2

Technical Data Sheet

Press force (t) 50
Power supply 1x415V 50Hz 60A
Motor (kW) 11/15
Noise level (dB) 65-68
Bale size (mm) 800x 600 x Via mm
Bale weight(kgs) 250-350
Pump  40ml/r 
Machine Length (mm) 3600
Machine Width (mm) 1900
Machine Height (mm) 1700
Machine Weight (t) 5
Container Loading  One  20HQ Container 

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