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ENERPAT MSB-E800 Two-Shaft Shredder Is Shipping To Australia ,used for shredding waste battery

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Basic Information of the MSB-E800 Two-Shaft Shredder

Place: NANTONG city, China

Date: Dec. 12th , 2022

Topic: ENERPAT MSB-E800 Two-Shaft Shredder Is Going To Australia

two shaft shreddertwo shaft shredder

Making a Deal

This client bought our shredder machine in 2019 and they are pretty happy about that. We kindly asked them to send a few pictures or videos of the machine that they are using in their factory. They happily agreed, and we can see that the machine is still working perfectly.  Now, since they want to expand their production line, they need another shredder. This deal was done the easiest and fastest ever since we got their trust. They asked us to update the quotation and arranged for a few spare parts. Then they arranged for the deposit very quickly.

two shaft shreddertwo shaft shredder

two shaft shreddertwo shaft shredder


The production was finished pretty much almost as we planned, He and his team want to see a few pictures after we send them some pictures we arranged for shipping. This combination of recycling lines is very cost-effective, It can save recycler's a lot of costs and do the most important job.

The client came to us directly when they need a new machine and asked us to give them a quotation according to their new project scale. With our proficiency and machine quality, we got their trust and saved their time on selecting different suppliers.  As it says, honesty and product quality are the foundation of a successful deal.

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ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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