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How to choose the right waste shredder

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When each recycler invests in a waste shredder for his recycling business, he hopes to get a good value for money. How to get the right machine? No worries, we will teach you.


Before selecting your waste shredder you need to ask yourself some important questions about your business, your data and what you need from a shredder.


How much and how often do you need to shred?

The frequency of use and the overall volumes that you need to shred will play a major part in your decision. If you need to shred lots of documents on a daily basis you will need a more robust shredder than the occasional user. Monitor your monthly requirements and look for a shredder that offers sufficient speed, bin capacity and throughput to meet your needs.


How many people will need to use your new shredder?

The number of people who will need to use the shredder within your organisation will not only impact on the size and scale of the machine in terms of capacity and throughput but it will also affect where you need to put the machine. You will need to position the machine in a place that all users can access. This might limit your options in terms of how big the machine can be. You might find that two smaller waste shredders would be better than one big unit.


What size items do you need to shred?

Look at your documents or other items that you need to destroy. If you need to destroy large documents, bulky reports, oversized prints, CDs or flash drives, you’ll need a bigger and better shredder than the home office models you’ll find in supermarkets or other high-street outlets.


How sensitive is your data?

The most important consideration of all is security. How sensitive is your data? Are there regulations in place which determine the type of shredder you must use. What security level does your data disposal demand?


By answering these questions you can be much more confident in your decision. Define your requirements. Identify a number of possible products. Compare them carefully. Read customer reviews. Ask around about the quality of service each potential supplier provides. Then you’ll be able to pick the best shredder for your business.


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How to choose the right waste shredder

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