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Medical Waste Shredders (ES-S5650)

  • ES-S5650


  • ES-S5650

Product Overview

Medical Waste Shredding And Recycling 

Presently, Medical Waste Processing has different ways, such as sanitary landfill, incineration by pyralysis, autoclave sterilization, chemical disinfection, microwave sterilization, thermal decomposition, and plasma process, ect. ENERPAT has lots of experience in medical waste processing, we offer kinds of professional shredders to handle the processing. The medical waste can be shredded into uniform in size, which is smaller than 50mm to improve the incineration efficiency.

ENERPAT’s Medical waste crusher has good sealing and corrosion resistance. Cutter blades made of German alloy material, ensure good resistance and high impact strength, It meets the high degree of mixing medical waste requirements to shred stainless steel equipment, prosthetics and other metal products. Medical waste processing system has a reasonable blades layout and high pass rate of the screen structure to ensure the crusher is not blocked.

Our medical waste shredders are ideally suited for the chemically aggressive materials in your hospital waste stream. After shredding, the material is ideal for thermal destruction or it can be sterilized and disposed of with your regular waste. Our machines are so efficient that the granulate does not give any indication of the source material.


Hospital waste consists of very different types of waste and requires special treatment during disposal due to the presence of infectious and highly contaminated materials. Depending on the waste type or classification, the hospital itself might need to specially treat the waste or store it in dedicated plastic containers or drums on-site.

ES-S5650 Medical Waste Shredder Official Photo 

Enerpat Medical Waste Shredder-1

Enerpat Medical Waste Shredder-2

ES-S5650 Application

● Waste medicine
● Infusion tube
● Syringes
● Medicine bottle
● Expired drugs 
● Your Waste?

ES-S8550 Raw Material And End Products 

Enerpat Medical Waste Shredder-6

Enerpat Medical Waste Shredder-5

Medical Waste -1

Medical Waste-3

Technical Data Sheet

Shredding Chamber(mm) 550x560
Power Supply  1x380V 50Hz 110A
Motor Power (kW) 18.5
Noise Level (dB) 65-68
Hopper Size(mm) 700x800
Output -Fruits And Vegetable (t/h)
Blade Width (mm) 10/20/30
Gear Oil Volume(l) 200
Gear Oil Type  U.S Mobil 600XP 
Machine Length(mm) 1900
Machine Width(mm) 1600
Machine Height(mm) 2250
Machine Weight(t) 2.7
Package  Wood Box Package 

ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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