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Medical Waste Shredder

Because of the possibility of infectious matter and toxic chemicals, medical waste requires sterilization and special treatment compared to standard waste. ENERPAT offers medical waste crushing equipment capable of satisfying your  medical waste processing needs.

We have a small expired drugs crusher that delivers a crushed particle size that can be determined on the screen unit. The consistent and uniform discharge particle size≤40mm, while the output reaches 300-3000kg/h.

The large expired medical waste shredder is designed for handling medical trash cans, packed injectors, etc. The shredded particle size is adjustable and the consistent and uniform discharge particle size≤40mm, while the output reaches 1000-3000kg/h.



·Pharmaceutical waste

·Infectious waste

·Plastic scrap


Sample Material

Pharmaceutical waste

Pharmaceutical waste

Infectious waste

Infectious waste

Plastic scrap

Plastic scrap




EENERPAT Plastic Waste Shredder

Enerpat Two Shafts Shredder for Plastic Film,PP Woven Bags,Waste Cloth

Enerpat Mini Medical Waste Shredder,Hospital Waste Shredder

Enerpat Single Shaft Shredder

Shredders for Medical Waste

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