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Wood Waste Shredder

ENERPAT wood shredders are ideal for shredding wood waste into small pieces, which can be resold to wood processing plants or used as fuel.

Our wood shredders utilize close-packed square rotor blades that can be repeatedly used to significantly extend service life. A frequency converting control hydraulic system greatly improves working efficiency. The heavy-duty wood shredders adopt a dual drive, fluid coupling flexible driving to reduce impact, stabilize the machine and extend its service life. The throughput reaches 0.5-20t/h.


·Bulky wood waste

·Pallet scrap

·Solid wood

·Tree root

·Wood pallet

Sample Material


Wood pallet 


Waste wood


Waste furniture


Garden waste


Tree branches


Bulky wood waste


ENERPAT Wood Pallet Shredder - Two Shafts Shredder

ENERPAT Waste Wood Shredder -- Single Shaft Shredder for waste wood

ENERPAT Wood Pallet Shredder,Waste Wood Shredder

Enerpat Powerful Two Shafts Shredder for Solid Waste Recycling

Shredders for Wood Waste

ENERPAT is the international company,we have factory in England Germany and China. We focus on sorter,shredder,baler for various kinds of recycling waste from metal to plastic. Enerpat Believe “Quality Changes the World”; Display the world’s highest quality; With our people-oriented belief.

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